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My Smooth Jazz CD, LOOKING THROUGH RAIN, is available now!

Recording this Smooth Jazz CD has been a dream come true for me. If you would like to hear samples of the songs, please click on the links below.

  1. Looking Through Rain
  2. Island of Love
  3. Taking a Break
  4. Ain't Doin' It With You (featuring Josh Dion)
  5. Pleasure Your Lover
  6. Good Time in the City
  7. Thinking of You (featuring David Mann)
  8. Each Time I Look at You (featuring Veronica Martell)
  9. Taking Another Break (featuring Café)
  10. Always Listen to Your Heart (featuring Rob Reich)
  11. Song For Steve (featuring Matt King)
  12. Click below to hear more my of music on

LOST AND FOUND is an eclectic collection of songs going back several years. Many have a retro feel. They have been sitting around collecting dust while I went ahead and released my first CD of Smooth Jazz called "Looking Through Rain". A crazy mix worth a listen. Available for download on CD Baby.


If you would like to purchase " LOOKING THROUGH RAIN " for $12 please use the button below. Please note that the CD purchase will be processed through DelRusso Designs and that $1.00 from the sale of each CD will be donated to the

1-800-683-5555 ww.FightBlindness.org

1-800-683-5555 www.FightBlindness.org

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